Social work and family case management careers

If your purpose is to act in service of children and families, explore jobs for social workers and family case managers at Children’s Wisconsin.

At Children’s Wisconsin, you’ll be in the company of more than 400 social workers and case managers committed to a vision of having the healthiest kids in the country. We offer an environment where you gain and share experiences, and build skills for a lifetime. We have opportunities in both hospital and community settings.

Family case managers
Family case managers 

With Children's Wisconsin Community Services work to ensure the safety and well-being of children and families by addressing child well-being issues, and by seeking safe and timely placement for kids with permanency as the goal. Services provided by family case managers include coordinating supervised family interactions for children living in out-of-home care to expand parenting abilities and allow children to return home safely. If necessary, case managers develop and execute concurrent plans for alternative forms of permanency, such as adoption, to ensure that kids do not stay in foster care any longer than necessary.

Community-based social workers
Social workers with Children's Wisconsin Community Services provide case management for children in need of protection services. The goal is to achieve reunification or another form of permanence for each child. Our social workers also recruit and license foster and adoptive parents, and match children to families who can meet their specific needs.

Children's Family and Community Partnerships social workers provide case management for children in need of protection or services, with the goal of achieving reunification or some other form of permanence for each child.

Hospital-based social workers
In our hospitals, social workers provide support to families who need financial assistance or who face particularly stressful circumstances. Other hospital-based social workers provide support for patients with chronic, long-lasting or life-threatening illnesses, and their families.

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