Bike and helmet safety

Use your head – wear a helmet

Helmets are the single most effective safety device available to reduce head injury and death from bicycle crashes and other sports on the move.

Fitting a helmet

– Put the helmet on your head. Look up. You should see the bottom rim of the helmet.

– Make sure the straps form a "v" under your ears when buckled. The straps should be a little tight but comfortable.

– Open your mouth as wide as you can. Does the helmet hug your head? If not, tighten the straps.

Wheeled sport safety tips

Wearing a helmet can reduce severe brain injury by 88 percent.

  • Make it a habit for the whole family to wear a helmet – from the tricycle rider to the adult role model
  • Set a rule – no helmet, then no bike, skateboard, scooter, skates or sled
  • Wear the correct helmet and gear for the sport
  • Remember wrist guards and knee pads also prevent injuries
  • Use the right size equipment, not something your child will grow into
  • Help your child learn the skills needed to enjoy the sport safely
  • Supervise your child until he or she is ready to go on his or her own
  • Follow safety rules and traffic laws