Overview of PHACE Syndrome registry

Dawn H. Siegel, MD

Dr. Siegel is a pediatric dermatologist at Children's Wisconsin. She also is an assistant professor of Dermatology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She received her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. She completed a residency in pediatrics at Children's Wisconsin and Research Center, Oakland, California, and a residency fellowship, and research fellowship in pediatric dermatology at the University of California in San Francisco.

Dr. Siegel is the founder and co-director of the PHACE Syndrome International Clinical Registry and Genetic Repository. She has been involved in the study, treatment and care of PHACE patients since 2006. She is currently studying the natural history and long term outcomes in PHACE Syndrome as well as investigating whether there is a genetic component in PHACE.


Study partners

phtCHWChildren's Wisconsin

Children's Wisconsin is where Drs. Siegel and Drolet do their patient care and research. Many of the research activities for this study take place at Children's facilities.

Medical College of Wisconsin

phtMCWThe Medical College of Wisconsin is located on the same campus as Children's and houses the research offices for Drs. Siegel and Drolet. The Medical College employs many of the staff who run the pediatric dermatology research studies.

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