Saliva Control Program

The Saliva Control Program provides a multidisciplinary assessment of children with saliva control problems caused by oral motor dysfunction, ear, nose, and throat problems, neurologic problems, dental problems, or structural problems.

The team of specialists includes a developmental pediatrician, otolaryngologist, dentist, speech/language pathologist, and coordinator. The clinic evaluation includes a review of the child's medical and developmental history. The developmental pediatrician does a brief physical exam, mobility assessment and postural evaluation. The otolaryngologist reviews the child's history and evaluates the nose, mouth and ears for possible pathology. The dentist reviews the child's history and evaluates the oral structures and function. The speech/language pathologist also reviews the child's history, assesses oral structures and function with specific regard for speech production, feeding and saliva management. He/she also evaluates communication abilities, assesses respiratory/phonatory function, and postural stability and movement patterns.

We are located at Children's Wisconsin - Milwaukee campus.

What happens at a visit?

The evaluations by the professionals listed above are accomplished individually. The team then meets to discuss team recommendations for treatment. They include:

  • Intake coordinator - Wendy Puza
  • Speech/language pathologist - Joan Arvedsen, PhD
  • Dentist - Lori Barbeau, DDS
  • Otolaryngologist - Stephen Conley, MD, Medical Director
  • Rehabilitation physician - Kim Zvara, MD

To schedule an appointment, contact Wendy Puza at (414) 266-2575 or email