G-tube Notebook videos

Welcome to the video page. These videos help with how to take care of your child's feeding tube. If you were not able to attend the G-tube class, watch the videos within GT CLASS section.

Please note that Internet Explorer is not recommended for video viewing. Videos are best viewed in the following major browsers: Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox. 

Introduction to feeding tubes

A. Understanding feeding tubes


G-tube class (unable to attend class or need a refresher)

A. What to expect after getting a feeding tube


B. Cleaning, dressings, and securing the tube

  1. Button type of tube
  2. PEG tube
  3. Pezzer tube

C. Giving medicines through a feeding tube


D. Feeding through a tube


E. Venting a G-tube


F. How to clean the supplies


G. Common problems


  1. How to change a broken Y adapter on a PEG tube

Care of a GJ-tube

A. Why do children need GJ-tubes


B. Cleaning the site


C. Securing the tube


D. Feedings through the GJ-tube


E. Giving medicines through a GJ-tube


F. What to do with the G-port


G. Flushing


H. Scheduled tube changes


I. What do you do if the tube is clogged?


J. What if the GJ-tube is not in the right place?


K. What do you do if the GJ-tube falls out?


L. How to place a spare G-tube when the GJ-tube falls out


How to change a G-tube or J-tube