School Intervention Program

Questions about returning to school for the 2020-21 school year? Below are resources to help families make a more informed decision:

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To advocate for and empower children with complex health needs and their families in school based settings


Children’s Wisconsin displays our dedication to best practices in patient care by offering services that extend beyond medical assistance and into a variety of whole-child developmental support such as school intervention. The School Intervention Program is designed to support patients in all areas of academic success and motivation, consistent attendance, and social/emotional functioning. Each patient’s school needs are assessed and interventions are individualized based on the specific needs and goals of each patient in collaboration with their school. The School Intervention Specialist also serves as a liaison between the hospital, the family, and the school to ensure clear and consistent communication at all times.

About the School Intervention Program

Once a family is enrolled in the School Intervention Program, a School Intervention Specialist will conduct a baseline needs assessment. This informal interview-style assessment generally takes place as part of a routine clinic visit or may be conducted over the phone. The School Intervention Specialist works with families to understand their questions or concerns regarding academic performance, consistent attendance, and social-emotional functioning. Individualized interventions are then created by setting realistic long and short-term goals, collaborating with the school to establish appropriate support services, and providing appropriate medical documentation as needed. Other services the School Intervention Program offer includes: helping parents learn to advocate for educational services and available resources within the school system and community, providing staff training related to the child’s medical care and emergency action planning, serving as an on-going liaison between the family, the school, and the hospital, and actively advocating to improve overall policies for improved hospital-school bidirectional communication.


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Download the full School Intervention Parent Toolkit

Battling Back-to-School Butterflies thumbnail Battling back-to-school butterflies.
Tips to help your child adjust to a new school or classroom.
Back-to-School Checklist humbnail Back-to-school checklist.
Use this checklist to help transition your child to a new school or grade, or back to school after an absence.
Planning for Student Absences thumbnail Planning for student absences.
Proactively work with the school to manage your child’s attendance.
Vaccination Information thumbnail Vaccination information.
Learn how vaccination plays an important role in keeping your child healthy.
Response to Intervention (RTI) Thumbnail Response to intervention (RTI). RTI is a tiered process, offering different levels of scaffolding and instruction depending on the child’s individualized needs.
Section 504 Plans thumbnail Section 504 plans.
A Section 504 is a collaborative plan or “blueprint” that outlines special education services that are tailored to the qualifying child’s specific educational needs.
Individualized Education Plan (IEP) thumbnail Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a formal, legally binding document that outlines special education services that are tailored to the qualifying child’s specific educational needs.

Special Education in Plain Language
A user-friendly handbook on Special Education Laws, Policies and Practices in Wisconsin from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

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