Spinal asymmetry

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Updated by: Allison Duey-Holtz
Updated on: August 2, 2017


Signs and symptoms

  • Asymmetric shoulder height
  • Asymmetric flank crease
  • Pelvic height asymmetry
  • Positive Adam's forward bend test


  • Idiopathic
  • Congenital
  • Neuromuscular
  • Thoracogenic

Referring provider's initial evaluation and management:

  • Spinal exam to include Adam's forward bend test
  • Neuromuscular exam
  • Evaluation of pain symptoms
  • If provider or family prefer images recommend PA/lateral scoliosis series
  • CHW has EOS low-dose radiation scanner.
  • CHW has physical therapists who specialize in spine and scoliosis conditions (Greenfield, Delafield, Mequon)

When to initiate referral/ consider refer to orthopedic clinic:

  • Positive physical exam or imaging finding
  • Ambulatory referral to orthopedics--may refer without images

What can referring provider send to orthopedic clinic?

1. Using Epic

  • Please complete the external referral order

In order to help triage our patients and maximize the visit, the following information would be helpful include with your referral order:

  • Urgency of the referral
  • What is the key question you would like answered?

Note: Our office will call to schedule the appointment with the patient.

2. Not using Epic external referral order:

  • In order to help triage our patients maximize the visit time, please fax the above information to (414) 607-5288
  • It would also be helpful to include:
  • Chief complaint, onset, frequency
  • Recent progress notes
  • Labs and imaging results
  • Other Diagnoses
  • Office notes with medications tried/failed in the past and any lab work that may have been obtained regarding this patient's problems.

Specialist's workup will likely include:

  • Comprehensive medical and surgical history
  • Family history
  • HPI including evaluation of symptoms
  • Height
  • Neuromuscular exam
  • Gait evaluation
  • Evaluate for spinal asymmetry and kyphosis
  • Review images and determine next steps in treatment plan


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