Andrew K. Tryba, PhD

Children’s Wisconsin since 2017
  • Investigator, Children's Research Institute
  • Assistant professor, Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin




  • Physiology

Research center/program

  • Neuroscience research

Research interests

  • Neuropsychiatric diseases, sleep disorders

Study interests

  • Locomotion, pediatric epilepsy, Rett Syndrome, rhythm generation underlying epilepsy and breathing, sudden infant death syndrome


  • Doctorate, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 2000; postdoctoral, University of Chicago, 2004.

Education and Awards



  • Texas Tech University President, Dean's Honor Roll, 1990
  • Case Western Reserve University Graduate Dean's Instructional Excellence Award, 1995
  • Case Western Reserve University Graduate School Dean's letter for "exceptionally high level of academic achievement," 2000

Research and publications


  • Background Sodium Currents in Respiratory Pacemakers, Francis B. Parker fellowship, principal investigator
  • Background Sodium Currents in Respiratory Pacemakers, National Institutes of Health PHS 398 (ROI) grant, principal investigator

Selected recent publications

  • Metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluR5) activate transient receptor potential canonical channels to improve the regularity of the respiratory rhythm generated by the pre-Bötzinger complex in mice
  • Rhythmic intrinsic bursting neurons in human neocortex obtained from pediatric patients with epilepsy
  • Neuronal bursting properties in focal and parafocal regions in pediatric neocortical epilepsy stratified by histology
  • Substance P modulation of TRPC3/7 channels improves respiratory rhythm regularity and ICAN-dependent pacemaker activity
  • Bioaminergic neuromodulation of respiratory rhythm in vitro

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