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What is stress?

Stress is a challenge, a task or a demand on a person.  Stressors can be good or bad, short-term or constant, big or little.  Stress makes us feel tense, overwhelmed, or worried.  It might be that we don’t have enough skills to deal with the stress.  Stress can come from:

Some stress is normal and can even be helpful sometimes. Too much stress can get in the way of life, lead to pain, or make pain problems worse.  Learning how to manage stress and pain can help us do the important things in life. 

What happens to our bodies during stress? 

The mind and body can work harder or more than usual because of stress. When responding to stress, we can get stuck in the “fight or flight” mode.  This means our body is trying to help us survive or escape the stressors.   This can result in:

What is the connection to pain?

There is a strong connection between stress and pain.  Pain can cause a lot of stress for kids and families, and stress can lead to more pain. 

What are the symptoms of stress?

What can I do for my child?