Albuterol HFA (1509)

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(Albuterol, Accuneb®, Proventil HFA®, Ventolin HFA®, ProAir HFA®, ProAir
RespiClick®, Xopnex HFA®)

Reason for prescribing

Albuterol is a rescue or quick relief medication used to relax the muscles around the airways.

It helps them stay open so air can move freely in and out of the lungs. This medicine makes it easier for your child to breathe.

This medicine comes in two forms:

How and when to give the medicine

Always use a spacer or holding chamber with the inhaler or puffer. Your nurse, doctor or therapist can help you learn how to use a spacer.

Shake the inhaler or puffer before each use.

Use this medicine right away when asthma symptoms start:

The medicine will work in the body for up to four hours.

Quick relief medicine should be taken for asthma symptoms or before activities. If the medicine is used too often it can be dangerous.

Your child’s doctor, nurse or respiratory therapist will give you a plan to help explain how and when to give this medicine. Ask the doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist or pharmacist any questions you have.

Possible side effects

Some people have restlessness, nervousness, shaking hands, fast or pounding heart beat when they take quick relief medicines.

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