Nucala (1579)

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What are Nucala, Dupixent and Fasenra?

They are medicines that can help prevent severe asthma symptoms. They also treat other health problems. It may take several months to know if the medicine helps asthma symptoms.

Eosinophils are a type of white blood cell. They can make swelling worse in the lungs of some people with asthma. Our bodies have natural hormones that helps eosinophils grow. These medicines are used to block one of those hormones.Nucala - Dupixent and Fasenra

Who should get Nucala, Dupixent or Fasenra?

People with severe asthma, if:

People with nasal polyps causing sinus infections or moderate to severe eczema. This is if they are not well controlled with current medicines taken as they should be.

People with:

Who may have special risks?

People who:

Who should not get these medicines?

People who:

How is it given?

Shots are given in the upper arm, upper leg, or abdomen. Some may be able to take the shot at home. These medicines are designed to make taking or giving the shot easier.

The health care provider will decide:

What are the side effects?

Important Information


Call the doctor, nurse, or clinic if there are any concerns or if there are:

  • new symptoms that happen after the shot.
  • special health care needs not covered by this information.