Peanut allergy OIT - First phase (1925)

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What is Palforzia and peanut oral immunotherapy (OIT)?

Palforzia is a peanut protein. It is given to help lessen allergic reactions to peanuts (desensitization). It is given as a powder that is swallowed. There are 3 phases of treatment.

How does the first phase work?

We give the patient Palforzia in the clinic.

This phase happens in one longer appointment at the allergy clinic. During this appointment the patient will receive 5 doses of Palforzia. After each dose the patient will be watched for 30 minutes. Each dose will be a little bit bigger. After the 5th dose is given, the patient will be watched for one hour. This visit takes about 4 hours.

How much is given with each dose?

Why is it done in the clinic?

There is a risk for an allergic reaction. The clinic has the supplies and staff to help your child if they have an allergic reaction.

How do I prepare for the visit?

What should I watch for?

Mild reactions may happen during or after the visit. They include:

Serious reactions do not happen often, but they can lead to death if not treated. Tell the clinic nurse right away if you notice any:

Call 9-1-1 if any of these symptoms happen after leaving the clinic!

What happens after this visit?

After completing the first phase dose escalation, the patient will return to the clinic in 1 to 4 days to begin the second phase, which is called the up-dosing phase.

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