Books for kids with hearing loss (1747)


Ages 3 and up
Book Name Author
A birthday for Ben
Kate Gaynor
A button in her ear
Ada B Litchfield
Ada and the helpers Travis Peterson
All the ways I hear you Stephanie Marrufo
Bessie needs hearing aids
Jenna Harmke
Cosmo gets an ear
Gary Clemente
El deafon Cece Bell
Freddie and the fairy Julia Donaldson
Gracie’s ears
Debbie Blackington
I Have a sister-My sister is deaf
Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson
I’m the boss of my hearing loss
Amy Kroll
Leo’s magic ears
Anushka Sharma Gupta
Let’s hear it for Almigal Tanya Saunders
Ling bird hears with his magic ears Ashley Machovec
Mila gets her super ears Wendy Kupfer
Super hearing
Jennifer Whitehead
The adventures of Billie BAHA and her super HEARo friends! Jessica Jordan-Hogan
 Zola gets hearing aids Narita Snead

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