Long term care for burns (1711)

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Your child’s burn wounds have healed with new skin. Dressings are no longer needed. The burns will continue to change as they heal over time. It could take up to two years. The healing skin is more fragile and sensitive. It is important to protect the skin as it heals. This may help decrease scarring.

Lotion and massageMassage by using your thumb or finger to make small circles


Healing skin does not have protective pigment. The skin is much more sensitive to sunlight.

Your child must:

Hypertrophic scars

After a burn has healed, the new skin goes through many changes. Sometimes, thick scar tissue will form. Hypertrophic scars are tight, firm, thick bulges that may itch. To keep these from forming, your child may be treated with Tubigrip® or a compression garment. If you see this type of scar forming, call the doctor.


A contracture occurs when the skin and muscles around the joint have become shorter. This makes it hard to move the joint. Exercise helps prevent contractures. It is very important for your child to do their exercises as directed. This keeps the skin, muscles and joints flexible.

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Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.