Intellectual disability (1695)

Key points below

What is an intellectual disability?

It is a delay in learning, reasoning, and problem solving. Children with intellectual disabilities also have trouble with social and self-care skills. These skills are called adaptive functioning skills. Examples of such skills include:

What causes intellectual disabilities?

The cause may not be known. A child is more likely to have intellectual disabilities if they:

How can intellectual disabilities affect my child?

Children may:

How can I help my child?

There is no cure, but there are many ways to help your child do their best.

At home

At school

Resources Compass Wisconsin: Threshold gives information and resources to help families and children get long term support. They link families to other resources. English and some Spanish. Offers parent support and information about special education in Wisconsin. English and Spanish. Life Navigators offers family education and many support services. English only. Project SEARCH is a work and career program for young adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. They offer training and education in job skills. The goal of Project SEARCH is employment. English and Spanish. IndependenceFirst has programs (leadership, social and peer groups, sexuality and dating workshops) for teens with intellectual disabilities and other developmental concerns. English only. American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Spanish resources.