Child advocacy team (1875)

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Who is the Child Advocacy team?

The Child Advocacy team helps find the causes of injury. This includes medical conditions that look like injury. There are pediatricians, advanced practice providers and social workers on the team. This team sees many types of patients. They see children who may have:

Why is my child being seen by the team?

Your child’s medical team has asked Child Advocacy to help find the cause of your child’s injuries or condition. This does not mean that abuse or neglect has happened.

How is the team involved in my child’s care?

The Child Advocacy team may review your child’s medical records or see your child while you are here. They cannot talk about all the details but will continue to work with the medical team. More care, x-rays, and blood tests may be needed. Other children in the home may also need a medical exam. The Child Advocacy team does not decide where your child will go after leaving the hospital.

Who else is involved in this process?

Child protective services or the police are sometimes contacted. They help gather information and make sure your child is safe. When required by law, medical information is shared with them. They can help find out if something happened.

Who can I talk to?

We know that this process can be stressful and upsetting. If you would like to talk to someone, please ask to talk with a social worker.

If you have concerns with the medical care of your child, you can call Patient Relations at 414-266-4722.