ABCs of boosting calories (1127)

If you need to add calories to your child’s diet, try adding some of these ABC’s.

A - Avocado, almond butter, agave syrup nutrition

B - Butter, BBQ sauce, baked beans, banana bread

C - Cheese, cheese sauce, cheesecake, cream cheese, cream, cream soups, chocolate milk, caramel topping, chia seeds, custard

D - Dips, dried fruits, Danish, dates

E - Eggs, egg yolks, egg salad, evaporated whole milk

F - Fruit smoothies, fruit bars, frostings,French toast, flaxseed

G - Guacamole, gravy, gouda cheese, gelato, garbanzo beans, granola

H - Hot cereals, hummus, half ‘n half, hot fudge sauce

I - Instant breakfast powder, ice cream

J - Jellies, jam

K - Ketchups, kidney beans

L - Liver sausage

M - Margarine, mayonnaise, milk shakes, milk powder, marshmallow créme

N - Nutella®, nut butters

O - Olives, omelet

P - Peanut butter, puddings, parmesan cheese

Q - Quiche

R - Ranch dressing, relishes, refried beans

S - Salad dressings, sandwich/cracker spreads, sour cream, sherbet, syrup

T - Thousand Island dressing, tartar sauce

U - “Ultra rich” desserts

V - Vegetable oils

W - Whole milk, whipping cream, whipped toppings

X - “Extraordinarily” rich desserts

Y - Yogurt

Z - “Zebra” pudding (half chocolate, half vanilla pudding)