Diet after fundoplication surgery (1326)

Key points below

What is the diet after fundoplication surgery?

This diet provides very soft foods for your child. The foods are easy to chew and swallow. They will pass easily into your child’s stomach. 

Why is it needed? 

Your child had a fundoplication procedure.  For a short time, your child’s opening to the stomach will be smaller than before.  This is because of swelling from the surgery.  
Your child needs a special diet for about a month.  Follow this diet until your child’s surgeon says it is ok for your child to eat a regular diet. Over time, your child’s body will adjust and they will be able to eat a regular diet. 

General tips

1. Tell your child to take small bites and chew food well. Cut all food into small pieces. This will help your child take only small bites.
2. Eat all meals slowly.
3. Have your child take a few sips of liquid after every few bites of food. Liquids help flush food into the stomach.
4. Give your child smaller meals but offer them more often. Five or six small meals a day are better than three large meals.
5. Do not let your child eat hard or crunchy foods. These foods are harder to pass into the stomach.
6. Avoid foods that tend to cause gas.  Do not give your child gum, soda or carbonated beverages while on this diet.

What foods can my child eat?

Please look at teaching sheet #1673 Soft Diet to learn more about the diet.

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Call your child’s doctor, nurse, dietitian or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.