High fiber recipes - Smooth pureed (155301)

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Fruit Blend   

Makes 28 tablespoons
1/3 cup raisins ½ unpeeled apple
6 prunes, pitted 2 tablespoons prune juice
½ orange, peeled 2 tablespoons orange juice
Blend all ingredients in blender for 2 minutes.  Refrigerate.  Serve up to 1 to 2 tablespoons per day.  (1 TBSP = 0.6g fiber).


Makes about 3 cups
A natural fruit laxative that can be used in place of jam on toast or muffins, or served as a stewed fruit.
½ cup prunes, pitted ½ cup dates
½ cup figs ¾ cup prune nectar
¾ cup raisins
Simmer dates and prune nectar until soft.  Blend.  Add remaining ingredients and blend together.    For young children be sure to puree all ingredients.  For older children it can be left with good size chunks in it.  (1TBSP= 44 calories, 1g fiber).

Power Pudding   

Makes 4½ cups
1 ½ cup cooked prunes ½ cup All Bran cereal
1 cup applesauce 1 ½ cup prune juice
Blend all ingredients to smooth consistency.  Refrigerate until used.  (2TBSP= 0.8g fiber)

Prune Glop   

Makes about 4½ cups
12 oz. Dried prunes (pitted) 12 oz. Canned pineapple with juice
12 oz. Dried apricots
Simmer prunes and apricots in 1 quart of water.  When softened, blend until smooth.  Add pineapple with juice and blend again.  Add additional juice to thin to desired consistency.  Refrigerate.  Mixes well with yogurt.  (2TBSP= 1g fiber).

Prune Whip

Puree stewed prunes in blender.  Mix pureed prunes with enough cool whip to make a fluffy dessert.  (2TBSP= 1.2g fiber).


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