Food allergies Milk baked in product (1578)

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Your child is allergic to milk and needs to avoid most products that contain milk.  However, your child may be able to tolerate some baked products that contain milk. This may help decrease stress with finding safe foods. It also may help your child outgrow their milk allergy.

Follow these guidelines when choosing foods that contain baked milk:

The product must be baked to a high temperature

Make sure the products are cooked through.  Do not give your child baked goods that are gooey in the center or under-baked. Choose foods that change shape or texture as they bake. For example:

Milk must be mixed into the product

The milk must be mixed into the product before it is baked. Do not give your child foods that have a milk coating on the outside. For example, breaded chicken that is dunked in milk and breading and then baked is not safe for your child. 

There can only be a small amount of milk in the product

For homemade foods, there should be less than 1 ounce (30 ml) of milk per serving.

For packaged foods, choose foods where milk is not in the first 2 ingredients.  Ingredients in parentheses count as part of the ingredient.  Milk is the 7th and 9th ingredient on this label.

What foods should we try?

Baked goods are the best option for your child.  Try:

Before giving a food to your child: