Wisconsin Immunization Registry (120101)

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Parent access 

What is the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR)?

Many children get immunizations (vaccinations) from more than one clinic or health care provider. The WIR is a computerized system that keeps track of immunizations.  Parents and providers can access the system at any time to see what vaccines have been given and which ones are due.  

How do I find my child’s vaccine records using the WIR website? 

Click https://www.dhfswir.org/PR/clientSearch.do?language=en to go to the WIR Public Immunization Record Access page.

To get to your child’s record you will need this information:

1 Child’s first and last name.
2 Child’s date of birth MM/DD/YYYY.
3 One of these numbers:
a. Child’s Social Security Number in the form xxx-xx-xxxx or
b. Child’s Medicaid ID Number
c. Health Care Member ID


Click Search (upper right).