Preventing central line associated blood stream infections while in the hospital (1423)

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What is a CVAD?

CVAD stands for Central Venous Access Device. It is a special type of line that is placed in one of your child’s larger veins (the blood vessels) that go to the heart. This line can go into the neck, arm, chest, or groin.

What is a central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI)?

An infection in the blood can occur when bacteria or germs travel through the central line and enter the blood. Every time a line is disconnected or reconnected, there is a chance of infection.

How is a CLABSI treated?

What can be done to prevent infection?

You will learn how to safely care for the CVAD in the hospital and at home. Everyone should follow these guidelines. Be sure to remind others if they forget.

Everyone should:

Each day, the healthcare team will decide if the CVAD is still needed. It should be removed as soon it is no longer needed.