Intimate partner violence IPV (1039)

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Also called domestic or family violence

What is Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)?

Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is abuse.  It is a pattern of controlling and abusive behavior.  The abuser works to gain control and power over another person.  It happens twice as often in families with children. 

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What are some of the facts?

Victims can be any age, race or gender.  It affects all socioeconomic classes.  Victims may be your friends and co-workers.
It is violence between current or former intimate partners whether they are married or not. They may or may not live together.
It includes physical injury, verbal put downs, stalking, threats and forced sexual activity.  It can also be control over money or not letting a partner work.
Many times children are also harmed.
Teen victims are often missed.  Poor school attendance, poor grades, and early sexual activity with many partners may be signs in teens.
Many children watch this violence in their homes.  They do not feel safe in their homes.  It affects children both at the time of the violence and later on in life.  

How can I help someone who is a victim?

Respect the person’s safety by asking questions about feeling safe when they are alone.   
If a person tells you their situation, listen.  Let them know that it is not their fault. Tell them they don’t deserve to be treated in that way.  Let them know that you are glad they shared this with you. 
Share the numbers below.   

Hospital and community resources
National Domestic Violence 24-hour Hotline.  1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
Community Information Line. 211
Milwaukee Women’s Center, Inc. (414) 671-6140
Sojourner Family Peace Center. (414) 933-2722
Teen Dating Abuse Line (4 pm to 2 am). Toll-free  (866) 331-9474
Waukesha Woman’s Center.  (262) 542-3828.  Toll free (888) 542-3828.