Neck injury Cervical collar and neck pain- CHW Milwaukee-Emergency Room Instructions (1207)

Key points below

Your child was seen in the Emergency Room for a neck injury.  X-rays were done and your child has a minor neck injury. To make sure there are no problems, your child will need more x-rays. These x-rays can be done when your child is more comfortable.

Your child is being sent home in a cervical neck collar.  The collar must be worn at all times until more x-rays are done. 

Your child will need to see an Advanced Practice Provider in about 7 to10 days. Please call the Neurosurgery office at (414) 266-6435 to schedule a clinic visit.  Just before the visit, your child will need to have x-rays (with the collar removed). These will be done in the Imaging (Radiology) Department.  After the x-rays, put the collar back on and go to the Neuroscience Center for your office visit.  The Center is on the 2nd floor of the Children’s Clinics Building.
If you have any questions, call the office and talk with a nurse. 

Important:  On the day of your office visit call the Neurosurgery office if your child:

The visit may need to be canceled and rescheduled for one week later.
For more information on the Cervical Collar ask the healthcare provider for Teaching Sheet #1257 - Changing Your Child's Cervical Spine Collar.


Call the Neurosurgery office at (414) 266-6435 Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, or call 9-1-1 if your child:

  • Gets weaker. 
  • Is not able to move any part of the body.
  • Has neck pain that gets worse.
  • Has any of the following symptoms in the arms or legs: 
    Itching or burning.  

Has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.