Suicide Precautions Inpatient EDTC Safety Measures (1540)

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Inpatient and EDTC safety measures

The main goals of your child’s healthcare team during this hospital stay are to keep your child safe while providing excellent medical care. 

Why are precautions needed?

Your child has expressed a serious desire or plan to die. Because of this, your child has been placed on Suicide Precautions. This means we are going to protect your child. Anything that your child could use to hurt or kill themselves will be taken away. This is a time to focus on your child’s healing. 

Here are some of the things that you will see during your child’s care:
An external body search will be done. 
Your child will change into a hospital gown. Clothes and shoes, as well as any dangerous items will be removed.  
Social media is often stressful to children and adolescents. This could worsen their mood. Your child will not be allowed to use any electronics that could be used to connect to social media will be removed. 
Electronics, clothing, and other personal items may be taken home. If not taken home, they will be locked up securely. Your child’s identification information will be on them. 
Your child’s room will be made as safe as possible. Nothing dangerous will be allowed in the room. This includes things like electrical cords, sharp items, or medicines. 
A staff member will be with your child at all times. This includes trips to the bathroom and when they leave the unit. 
Your child will be given a special meal tray with plastic utensils. These utensils are not allowed to be kept in the room. 

Your role in your child’s safety:  

There are things that you and your family can do to help keep your child safe during their hospital stay.

Before taking anything into your child’s room it must be screened by the nurse.  Make sure that all visitors do this. 
Visitors are restricted to family members over the age of 18 years only.  
Your child may have up to 4 visitors in the room at one time. A staff member will stay in the room at all times.