Stimulation test (1028)

Key points below

Your child’s stimulation test is on the first floor of the Children’s Wisconsin Hospital in Milwaukee.

Please stop at the Welcome Desk for a badge.  They can give you directions to the Infusion Clinic

What is a stimulation test?

A stimulation test uses your child’s blood to see how certain glands are working.  Some glands make too much or too little hormone. There are different kinds of tests used to diagnose your child’s condition. Your child’s doctor will pick the one(s) needed for your child. This test is usually done in the morning, because they are long and your child cannot eat prior. 

What test does my child need?

 Arginine/clonidine growth hormone stimulation test
 Glucagon stimulation test for growth hormone and cortisol
 Cortisol stimulation test
 Androgen precursors/CAH stimulation test
 GnRH (LH and FSH) stimulation test

How do I schedule the test?

1. Call the Infusion Clinic secretary to schedule a date and time for the test.  The telephone number is 414-266-2549; listen to your options and choose the one for scheduling a test.  
2.  Tell the secretary the name of the test checked above.  

How do we get ready for the test?

Make sure your child follows the instructions checked below.  The test will be cancelled if your child eats or drinks anything when they were not supposed to.
 Starting at midnight the night before the test, your child may drink only plain tap or bottled water.  If they are having growth hormone or glucagon testing, they may not eat or drink anything else.
 Your child may have a light meal one hour before the test if they are having any of the other tests.  This could be foods like toast, yogurt, applesauce, eggs, cereal, soup or a sandwich.
 Talk to your endocrinology doctor about any morning medicines that your child takes. Most will be fine to take the morning of the test. But we do want to know about any that might affect your child’s blood pressure. 
Have your child wear comfortable clothes. Short sleeves or sleeves that can be easily rolled up are best.  You may bring something fun for your child to do during the test.  We suggest things like books, quiet games, coloring books, favorite blanket, or small stuffed animal.  The clinic has TV’s and DVD players.  Your child may bring a favorite movie. 

How is the test done?

A small needle with be used to put a tube in the vein of your child’s arm or hand.  This is called an IV catheter.  The IV catheter is used to take several blood samples over a period of time.  
What happens after the test?
We will give your child a light meal if they were not allowed to eat before the test. 
Your child may have slight discomfort where the IV was placed. This is normal. 

How do I get the test results?

Your child’s Endocrinologist will contact you with the test results.  It may take up to 3 weeks.  


Call your child’s doctor, nurse or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if you child has special health care needs not covered by this information.