Institutional Title 19 - How to apply - T19 (1208)

Key points below

How to apply

What is Institutional T19?

Institutional (also known as hospital) T19 (Medicaid) is a secondary insurance for your child’s hospital stay. It is part of BadgerCare. It may cover things your primary insurance does not cover.

Institutional T19 does not look at parent income. A child will qualify if:

It is important to apply within 30 days of discharge.

How do I apply?

First, set up an account

Use the Help button in the upper left corner of any screen for more help.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on: Apply for Benefits.
  3. Check: Start a new application for FoodShare, Health Care, Family Planning Waiver and/or Child Care.

    • Are you already enrolled in any benefits right now?
      This means: FoodShare, BadgerCare Plus, Wisconsin Medicaid, Family Planning Only Services, Wisconsin Shares Child Care, or Caretaker Supplement. Answer No, then click Next.

  4. Setting Up Account:

    • Step 1 - Enter your first & last name. If you want, you can enter your e-mail address.
    • Step 2 - Create a user ID and password. Write these down for future reference.
    • Step 3 - Answer security questions. Write them down for future reference.
    • Step 4 - Check box for User Acceptance Agreement. Click on Create Account.

  5. Next screen will ask for your user ID & password.

    • Log into new account with your user ID & password.

Apply for benefits:

  1. Review Apply for Benefits Overview and then click Next.
  2. Using ACCESS page:

    • Please write down your tracking number in the upper right-hand side of this page. It will let you finish at a later time if you need to stop before you are done. It will also let your CHW Social Worker contact Milwaukee County Human Services to be sure that the application is flagged for this special program. Please let your CHW Social Worker know when you have finished this process. Be sure to give them your tracking number.
    • Check: I am using ACCESS to apply for another person. A new box will pop up.
    • Check: Legal Guardian when asked how you are related to who you are applying for.
    • Where it says “Link your Express Enrollment Information” Answer: No.
      Click Next.

  3. More about Your Legal Guardian page.

    • Enter your:
      • First & last name.
      • Home address, city, state & zip code.
      • Phone number or e-mail address if desired.
    • Letters About Your Benefits: Check circle for English or Spanish for the written anguage you prefer. Click on Next.

  4. Which Benefits Would You Like to Apply For? page.

    • Check box for “Health Care benefits through BadgerCare Plus and/or Medicaid” only. Click on Next.
    • It will verify the benefits you would like to apply for again. Click on Next.
    • Backdated Coverage: Answer Yes.
    • Check boxes for all months that your child has been inpatient at CHW.
    • Click on Next.

  5. More about Benefits: Click on Next.
  6. Getting Started:

    Information about You box: This is the information about your child (the patient).

    • Enter child’s first & last name. Enter child’s gender & date of birth.
    • Enter your primary language spoken in the home.
    • Enter “MILWAUKEE” for the county that your child lives in.
    • Where You Live box: Enter 9000 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee WI, 53226.

      Your Mailing Address

      • Enter Your Mailing Address

    • Homeless Information

      • Are you homeless right now: Answer No.

Your Phone Numbers

Your Email Address

  1. Basic Information Summary page:
    Review information & click on Next.

  2. People In Your Home page:
    • Child’s name, gender & date of birth should be filled out (review to be sure it’s correct).
    • Enter child’s marital status. You can skip the next 2 boxes.
    • In the Personal Information box– Where Does This Person Live → Use the drop down menu to select: In a Hospital (for more than 30 days). THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TO GETTING INSTITUTIONAL T19.

More About Where “your child” Lives 
Nursing Home or Care Facility
What is the name of the nursing home or care facility? Children’s Hospital of WI
What county is this nursing home or care facility in? Milwaukee
When did (your child’s name) most recently move to this nursing home or care facility?   Enter in your child’s first day of admission to the hospital. 
If your (child’s name) has lived in any nursing home or care facility before, when did he or she first move to a nursing home or care facility? Enter in date of admission from transferring facility if appropriate, if not leave blank.

3. Tax Information:  Since this application is on behalf of your child, and they do not file taxes, there are no tax filers in this “household” that only consists of your child. Click on “No one”. Click on Next.

4. Annual Income: In the next 2 boxes about Job Income and Other income, click on: “No one”. Click on Next 

5. Your Health Care Request page; Click On: Next.  Do not check box for “Family Planning Request”.

6. More About the People in Your Application: 
Enter in the Social Security Number to speed up the application processing. 
Answer “Yes” to the 3 residency questions. Click on Next 

Other Questions About People in Your Home: click on: No One in each box for the 5 questions about Blindness or Disability, Other needs, Medicare, Recent Accidents & TB – unless they apply to your child;   Click on: Next.

7. Household Members Summary page:
Review information & click on Next (Remember: your child is the only household member.)       
8. Other Benefits page:   Click on: “No one” for next 7 questions about Grants, Previous SSI Benefits, SSI Letter, SSI1619 (b), Tribal member, Eligible for Indian Health Services, Received Indian Health Services – unless they apply to your child.  Click on: Next.
9.    School Enrollment
Is your child enrolled in school right now? Answer No 
Other Benefits Summary: Review and click on Next
10. Job Income Information
Answer No to Current or Recent Job, On Strike, In-Kind Income, and Self-Employment. Click on Next
11. Job Income Summary 
Verify the information and click on Next
12. Money From Other Sources: For the next 4 questions about SSI, Social Security, Other income click on: “No one”. Click on Next
13. Other Income Summary
Verify the information and click on Next
14. Your Other Bills
Tax Deductions: Click on No One, click Next
15. Health Insurance Coverage page:
Under “Health Insurance Policy Holders,” click “Someone Else” if covered by another policy. Click on Next
Summary: Click on Next
16. More About Health Insurance Coverage: Enter insurance information. (Required information is noted by red asterisk.) Complete all boxes on the page.  Click on: “Next”. 
17. Health Insurance Summary
Verify the information and click on Next
18. Recent Changes
Has your household had any changes since the beginning_____? Answer No, Click on Next. 
19. Sign the application
By reviewing the details, checking the box & filling in your first & last name – this is the “electronic signature”; Click On: “SUBMIT”.
20. Please let your Children’s Wisconsin Social Worker know when you have completed this process.  Give them both parents’ social security numbers and your tracking number so they can follow up with Milwaukee County Human Services.
21. If approval of Medicaid coverage is obtained. It is the Parent/Legal Guardian’s responsibility to report within 10 days of discharge that the child is no longer in the Hospital. This allows Medicaid to properly close the case. Parents/Legal Guardian please call 888-947-6583 to report the change. 

Please contact your Children’s Wisconsin social worker if you have further questions.
You can call directly, have your nurse page them, or call 414-266-3465.