Colonoscopy 1 day prep with MiraLax (1862)

Key points below

Your child has been scheduled for a colonoscopy at Children’s Wisconsin Hospital in Milwaukee for (date)__________________ at (time) _________ a.m./p.m.

What is a colonoscopy? GI anatomy

A colonoscopy is a test that looks inside your child’s colon or large intestine.  A flexible tube with a light and tiny camera is put in through the rectum and into the colon to look for abnormal growths or inflamed tissue. A small tissue sample called a biopsy may be taken during the procedure. Watch a cartoon video of the procedure at

What needs to be done before the test?

What is okay to use as a clear liquid?

This bowel prep is done the day before the colonoscopy test.

Supplies that are needed

What to do the day before the test.

Continue to offer some clear liquid every 30 to 45 minutes until bedtime.  This will help them be less hungry and keep them hydrated.

Helping your child prepare for the cleanout. 

What if the clean out is not working?

On the day of the test.

Before you go home.

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Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.