Precordial catch syndrome Texidors twinge (1225)

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(Texidor’s Twinge)

What is precordial catch syndrome?

Precordial means in front of the heart. Precordial catch syndrome is a common cause of chest pain in older children and young adults.  It often leads to unneeded tests, specialist appointments, and anxiety. 

What causes it?

It can be set off by a growth spurt, an injury, or bad posture. In some, it may start in the chest wall, ribs, or cartilage. The pain comes from nerves in the inner lining of the chest wall (pleura) that get pinched or irritated.  It is not caused by heart or lung disease.

What are the symptoms?

These symptoms are common in teens and young adults, but can start even earlier. They can come on suddenly with no warning. They can also go away quickly and completely. 

The pain has no link to eating.

How is it treated?

Your health care provider will take a careful history of your symptoms and any health problems. Know that the pain is harmless and normally goes away on its own. Specific treatment is not needed.

Your health care provider may have you take an over the counter anti inflammatory such as Motrin®. It may help to relax and take slow breaths. Watch your sitting posture. 



Call your doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if you have:

  • Any other heart problems.
  • Changes in pain or pain that come more often.
  • New symptoms.
  • Special health care needs that were not covered by this information.