Treatment for Your Childs Hypoplastic Ventricle Stage I (1584)

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Stage Iheart diagram

The most common treatment for a child with heart problems that include a hypoplastic ventricle is heart surgery. Treatment is complex and requires careful management of your child’s health. It does not repair your child’s heart problem. But, it can relieve symptoms and increase your child’s chances to live a more normal life. This is often done in three stages. This sheet helps you understand the surgery that is done in the first stage of treatment. 

The goals of heart surgery 

Risks and Possible Complications of Heart Surgery

Stage I: The Norwood Procedurenorwood procedure diagram

This procedure is generally done within the first week after birth. A hospital stay of 6 to 10 weeks may be needed. During the procedure, the surgeon does the following:

Home Monitoring Program

Your baby will go home with a baby scale and a machine that measures the amount of oxygen in your baby’s blood. It is called a pulse oximeter. You will be given a book or application to download onto your smart phone.  This will keep a record of your baby’s feeding schedule, oxygen level, and weight. The cardiology nurse practitioners will teach you how to do this before your baby leaves the hospital. They will let you know when and who to call if you have questions or concerns.


Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns, or if your child has special health care needs that this sheet did not cover.