Renal with lasix exam (1839)

Key points below

Your child has been scheduled for a Renal with Lasix exam on 
(date) _____________ at (time) _______________ in the Imaging (Radiology) Department at Children’s Wisconsin.  

Please stop at a Welcome desk for a badge and directions to Imaging.

What is a Renal With Lasix® exam?

A scan is done to see how the kidneys are working.  It can show if the kidney is blocked.  

Special instructions

If your child will need sedation, they cannot eat or drink anything before the scan.  Use the guide below:

No solid food 8 hours before the scan.
No milk or formula for 6 hours before the scan.
No breast milk for 4 hours before the scan.
No clear liquids for 2 hours before the scan.

Please note:  It is important that you follow these special instructions.   If your child eats or drinks anything after the times listed above, the scan may be cancelled. 

How the scan is done

1. Your child will go to the Nuclear Medicine Department.  
2. Your child will lie on a bed and a camera will be above your child.  
3. An IV will be put in your child’s hand, arm or foot.  A small amount of a fluid, called radioactive material is put into the IV. The fluid goes through the blood to the kidneys. This lets us take a picture of the kidneys.  About 20 minutes after the pictures are taken a medicine called Lasix® will be put in the IV.  This medicine will make the kidneys work harder.  This make it is easier to see if there is anything blocking the kidneys.
4. Sometimes, a small tube, called a catheter will be used to keep your child’s bladder empty.  Your child will feel some pressure. The catheter will always be used if our child gets medicine to make them sleepy.  Other times, your child’s doctor may ask to have the catheter used.
5. It takes about 1½ hours to take all the pictures.  The pictures do not cause any pain. Your child will need to stay very still while the pictures are taken.  
6. When the pictures are done, the IV will be taken out.  If your child had a catheter, it will be taken out.  The technologist will show the pictures to the doctor. 
7. The total time for the visit is about 2 hours.


Your child’s doctor will receive the results within 24 hours of the exam.  Please allow them one week to review the results with other clinical information. 


ALERT: Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.