Helping your child hold still for x rays (1929)

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How do we help children hold still during an x-ray?

Your child will need to keep very still when having an x-ray so that the picture is clear. This is very important in order to find out what is causing your child’s problem. Our goal is to get a good picture the first time so you can comfort your child sooner. It also limits extra exposure to radiation from having to re-take x-rays. Most children who are afraid cannot hold still on their own. Our staff will talk to your child to reassure them, but we know they may be upset, scared and not feeling well. This is normal. The staff doing the x-ray will need to help keep your child from moving around.  The staff will move quickly so it is over as soon as possible.

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How will my child be helped to hold still?

You can help the staff decide how your child will be held still. It does not harm your child. Tell the staff if your child has any special needs or medical concerns that should be kept in mind. If you have questions or concerns, you will want to talk to the health care team. 

Ways we help your child hold still are:


If you have questions or concerns after the procedure, call the Imaging Department at (414) 266-3116. You will need to call your child’s health care team about the results of any tests that were done.