Multidrug resistant organism (1647)

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What is a multidrug-resistant organism (MDRO)?

A multidrug-resistant organism (MDRO) is a germ that can cause an infection. This germ is hard to get rid of. Often, these germs are not harmful to your child. They can make other children sick, though.

Antibiotics are medicines used to get rid of germs that cause infections. Most antibiotics do not work for MDROs. They will not get rid of all these germs. This is called “resistant to antibiotics”. This makes infections caused by MDROs hard to treat and cure.

What causes MDROs?

Germs are normally found on a person’s skin or in their intestines. These germs may become MDROs after taking antibiotics. This can happen if antibiotics are taken for a long time or when they are not needed.

How do we know who has an MDRO?

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How are MDROs treated?

MDROs are hard to treat. This is because many antibiotics don’t work on them. There are a few antibiotics that may work. If treatment is needed, the doctor will decide which antibiotic to use.

How can we prevent the spread of MDROs in the hospital and clinics?

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