Breastfeeding General weaning tips (1396)

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General weaning tips

There is no right way or right time to wean. You will know when the time is right. As you wean, congratulate yourself on giving your child the very best nutritional start in life!

This information will help you feel more comfortable while you wean. It is from the Lactation Management Service at Children’s Wisconsin. Please call us at (414) 266-1757 with any questions you have.

How do I wean from pumping?

You can wean as quickly or as slowly as you want. You may choose to wean all at once, or wean slowly over time until you stop making breast milk.

To wean quickly:

To wean more slowly:

How do I wean from breastfeeding?

How can I help my baby be more comfortable while we wean?

How can I be more comfortable while we wean?

What if I am not ready to wean but my baby is? Can I still pump and feed breast milk to my baby?

Yes you can, but first make sure that your baby is not on a nursing strike. If your baby suddenly refuses to nurse or breastfeed, it may be a nursing strike. These are often confused with baby’s wish to wean on their own. It is not likely that a child under the age of one year will wean on their own. Call the Lactation Management Service at (414) 266-1757 for more tips.

If you feel your baby is truly ready to wean on their own, you can still pump and feed this milk to your baby in a bottle or cup. When you are ready to wean, follow the steps listed above.

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Call your doctor, nurse, Lactation Management Service (414) 266-1757 if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Call your primary health care provider if you have signs of a possible breast infection (mastitis). Signs include:
    • Chills or fever.
    • Body aches, breast pain or tenderness.
    • Flu like symptoms.
    • Tenderness, redness or warmth in the breasts.