Breastfeeding Using the baby weigh scale (1398)

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Using the Baby Weigh Scale II™

Your baby is being weighed on a special scale before and after nursing. This is done to measure the amount of milk your baby is drinking.

Before breastfeeding

  1. Put on gloves. Wipe the scale and cart surface with antiviral wipes. Follow the directions on the wipes package. Remove gloves. Wash your hands.
  2. Press the on button. Wait until “0” appears. If it doesn’t, press the zero button.
  3. Have the nurse disconnect your baby from all CRM / POX / Cerebral and Renal Monitors.
  4. Put your baby and all wires inside the basket. Nothing should hang over the edges except IV and/or oxygen tubing. Make note of where tubing falls to repeat with post-weight. Wait for beep. Do not hold up wires or touch the scale.
  5. Wait for the beep to sound and show the pre-weight. Press “1” button to save the pre-weight. You may want to write down the number and later subtract from post-weight.
  6. Have the nurse reconnect your baby to all CRM/ POX/ Cerebral and Renal Monitors.
  7. Take your baby off the scale. Do not turn the scale off.

Breastfeed your baby.

After breastfeeding

  1. Put your baby and all wires inside the basket exactly as before you fed your baby, including IV and oxygen tubing placement. Wait for beep.
  2. Press the 2 button to store the post-weight. Wait for beep. Or subtract first number here.
  3. Press the 3 button. This is how many cc’s or ml’s your baby took in.
  4. Put on gloves. Wipe the scale and cart surface with antiviral wipes after each use. Remove gloves. Wash your hands.
  5. Let your nurse know you are done. They will re-connect the monitors.

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