Giving glutamine during chemotherapy (1532)

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What is Glutamine? 

Glutamine is an amino acid.  It helps to build proteins in our muscles and gut. It is absorbed from the foods that we eat. Glutamine is important for our bodies to function. Glutamine helps to strengthen the lining of our gut and helps to protect it from harm.

Why do we use Glutamine while getting chemotherapy? 

The chemotherapy drugs that we use kill fast-growing cells, like cancer cells.  They also kill cells that line the mouth and gut.  This increases the risk for infection. 

This causes symptoms like:

Why do we recommend Glutamine for your child? 

Glutamine protects against sores in the mouth and gut. It can prevent these sores from happening.  It can also reduce the severity of these sores if your child gets them. 

How do patients take Glutamine during chemotherapy?

What are potential side effects?

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