Mud flap (1079)

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What is a mud flap?

A mud flap is a plastic drape. It keeps poop and pee away from where your child had surgery (incision). This is important because it keeps the area clean and dry.  It can help prevent infection. The mud flap must never touch the incision.

What supplies are needed?

How do I put on a mud flap?

Turn your child on their tummy or side.  You may need an extra person to help hold your child. The example shows how to use the mudflap on a back incision.  Your team will show you how to use it for other reasons, if needed.

1. Cut the drape to be as wide as the area between your child’s hips. 

baby diaper

2. Cut the drape to be as long as your child’s diaper.

baby diaper

3. Begin with the drape facing up and the bottom of the sticky part below the incision.  It will be close to your child’s butt.  Be sure not to cover your child’s incision with any part of the mudflap. 

baby diaper

4. Be sure it has a tight seal without wrinkles. Make sure it fits snug in the butt crease. 

5. Fold the loose drape down over the back of your child’s diaper. 

baby diaper

6. Put a piece of tape on the drape and the diaper so that the drape doesn’t come up over the incision. 
Put your child’s diaper on backwards and put the tabs over the drape to hold it down over the diaper. 

baby diaper

What should I watch for?


Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.