Individualized education plan IEP (1546)

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What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

An IEP is a written education plan, created by your child’s school team.  It is for children who may need extra help with learning, speech, handwriting or walking and qualify for special education services. The IEP is made up of goals that are written to help your child succeed at school.  

How do I know if my child could benefit from an IEP?

Children who have one or more of the following may benefit from an IEP:

If you are not sure that your child fits into one of these categories, but think special education services may help them, talk to your child’s school. Ask them about evaluating your child to see if they qualify for extra support through an IEP.

What is the IEP referral and testing process?

The referral is the first step in the IEP process. The referral can be made by:

Once you give the school consent to evaluate your child they have 60 days to complete the evaluation and decide if your child qualifies for special education services through an IEP.

The evaluation team could include a special education teacher, school psychologist, and speech, physical, or occupational therapists to do the evaluation. Who is on the team will depend on your child’s needs.

What happens after the evaluation?

A meeting is scheduled with the people who did the evaluation. They will review the results with you. If your child is found to qualify for special education, the team will create goals for your child and decide what related services may help your child. You are an important part of this team and can have input in every step of the process.   

Where can I get more information?  Free access to more information on how to best support your child in school.