Exercise guidelines for joint hypermobility (1036)

Key points below

for joint hypermobility

What exercises are good for joint hypermobility?

Hypermobile joints can be damaged over time. It is important to learn how to protect the joints and avoid pushing them past range of motion. Range of motion is normal joint movement. This will
reduce long-term harm.

The patient, family and the therapist will work together in deciding on therapy goals. Therapy will focus on:

Other things you will learn in therapy include:

A home exercise program is an important part of therapy. It should be ongoing, varied, and done as part of a daily routine. This will help get the most benefit and prevent pain and injury.

Routine physical activities are helpful as well. Examples include:

Patients should limit high impact activities and repetitive tasks. Therapists will help choose the best activities. Exercises should:

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