TLSO use after spinal surgery - Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthotic brace (1195)

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Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthotic brace

Why does my child need to wear a TLSO?off white brace sitting on surface

A thoracolumbosacral orthosis (TLSO) shell is the type of brace most often used after spinal surgery. The brace limits the movement of your child’s spine.  This helps the bone and soft tissue to heal after surgery. The TLSO fits under your child’s arms and around the rib cage, lower back and hips.  It is a two-piece brace that has a front and back piece.  These pieces are joined together by Velcro® strips.

How is it made? 

After your child’s tubes and drains are removed and the first bulky surgical dressing has been changed, measurements of your child will be taken. A person specially trained in orthotics (orthotist) does this.  Sometimes, a plaster of Paris mold is be made so that the shell fits the curves of your child’s body.  The shell will be made and delivered quickly.  After delivery, the orthotist will put the shell on your child the first time. This is the time that adjustments are made if needed so that the shell fits well.

How long will my child wear it?

How is it put on? 

Putting on the brace may be awkward at first.  Follow these steps:

The first time your child wears the brace, leave it on for one hour.  Then check your child’s skin for any sore or red areas.  If there are red areas, contact your child’s orthotist. Each time your child wears the brace, increase the length of time it is kept on. 

Cleaning the brace

Clean the hard plastic outer shell and the inner soft foam plastic lining every day. 
Step one:  Clean the lining (soft foam plastic)

  1. Use a cloth with soap and water.
  2. Rinse the lining after washing by using a damp cloth.
  3. Dry the lining with a terry towel.  The brace may also be left to air dry.  Air-drying takes about 20 to 30 minutes.  If you need to dry the brace quickly, use a hair dryer set on cool.  This will dry the lining in 5 to 10 minutes.

Step two:  Clean the outer plastic (hard shell)

  1. Use a cloth, soap and water to clean the brace lining.
  2. Rinse the shell after washing by using a damp cloth.
  3. Dry the shell with a terry towel.

General tips for brace care

What activities can my child do while wearing the brace?






Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.