Constipation after a procedure or injury (3036)

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Orthopedics and rehabilitation

What is constipation?

Sometimes, stools (poop) get hard and dry. Your child may be constipated if:

What causes it?

Constipation can by caused by:

How is it treated?

Have your child drink more fluid and get more fiber in the diet.

+ If not constipated = Age (in years) + 5 = total number of grams

+ If constipated = Age (in years) + 10 = total number of grams


pounds and fluids chart


Increasing fiber and fluid is often not enough if your child is on bed rest or is taking pain medicines. Other medicine is often needed. Discuss medicines with your health care provider.

Medicine might be taken by mouth or feeding tube:

  - Lactulose for kids less than 2 years
- Miralax for kids over 2 years

  -  Sennosides liquid
- Senna tablets 
- Ex-Lax chocolate chew bar

- 2 to 12 years olds: once daily if needed

  - Over 12 years: twice daily if needed

  - Enemeez and DocuSol are brands

- 2 to 4 year olds: give half of a 2.25 ounce dose
- 5 to 11 year olds: give 2.25 ounce dose
- Over 12 years: give 4.5 ounce dose
- Fleets is one brand

- Giving it after dinner or breakfast works best. 
- Follow the directions on the medicine package for the right amount.

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For more health and wellness information, check out this resource:

This sheet was created to help you care for your child or family member. It does not take the place of medical care. Talk with your healthcare provider for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.











Call your child’s doctor, nurse or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child:

  • Has not had a BM after giving the Fleet’s Enema®.
  • Starts to vomit.
  • Has more stomach pain than normal.
  • Has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.