Low dose lidocaine infusions (3055)

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What is lidocaine?

Lidocaine is a medicine that can help relieve pain. If your child does not have pain relief with other medicines, lidocaine may be given.

It is used for pain that is hard to control. This may include:

How is lidocaine given?

Lidocaine infusions are used to give medicine slowly, through an IV. An IV is a small tube that goes into the vein. Infusions are also called drips. The amount of time the medicine is given is different for each child. Your child’s care team will decide how fast the medicine will be given and when it will be stopped.

What side effects might happen during the infusion?

Possible side effects include:

How will my child be watched?

ALERT: Talk to your child’s doctor or nurse if you have any concerns or if your child:

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