Keeping your child safe from falling in the hospital (1183)

Key points below

Children are at risk for falling while in the hospital.  Your child’s risk of falling is checked while in the hospital.  The risk of falls may change if your child’s condition changes. Your child’s nurse will talk with you about which of the following risks apply to your child and how you can help.  

Falls can happen more often when your child: 

- Stays in the hospital more than 5 days.
- Does not have an IV line.  Your child may try to walk or run more.
- Has physical or occupational therapy.
- Has a history of seizures or takes anti-seizure medicines.
- Uses crutches or walkers. 
- Has trouble walking or has weakness in muscles or legs.
- Has fallen in the past month.
- Has fallen during this hospital stay.

What will be done to help keep my child from falling?


Talk with your child’s doctor or nurse if you have questions or have concerns that your child:

  • Has special health care needs not covered by this information.
  • Is moving or acting differently.
  • Feels dizzy or weak.