Confidential patient status (1268)

Key points below

Children’s Wisconsin is committed to providing a safe place for our patients, families, visitors and staff. There are times when it is best for a patient to be listed as confidential.  This helps to protect their identity while in our hospital. Some reasons for this are: 

The hospital staff will go to great lengths to keep your child safe. Strict rules must be followed. 

1. A password is set by the parent or legal guardian. If you need to write it down, keep it safe and secure. To keep your child safe, please do not provide your child’s location on social media.  Only share your child’s legal first and last name and the password with the few people that need to visit. Tell these people not to share the password with anyone unless they talk to you first. 
2. Even if you approve the media to visit your child, they will not be able to come inside the hospital without approval from Children’s Marketing and Communication team. 
3. Parents, legal guardians, and visitors must give your child’s legal first and last name and the password you have chosen without prompting when: 
a. Checking in at a Welcome Center to get a visitor’s badge. 
b. Arriving onto the unit. Visitors may need to give this information at the intercom before staff will allow access onto the unit.  
c. Contacting the unit by phone for an update on your child. Staff may also request more information before an update is given.  
4. If you would like the confidential status removed or need the password changed, please tell your nurse. A representative from Security will meet with you to discuss your request.  

Staff cannot ask you or a visitor to provide a password. The information must be given on its own by the caller or the visitor.  Anyone who does not give the legal first and last name and password will not be able to visit or talk to your child. They will be told, “I’m sorry we do not have any information for you about that person. I suggest you contact that person’s family.”