Theraputty exercises (1382)

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What is Theraputty?

Theraputty is like Silly Putty. It is used to exercise your child’s hand. It helps develop hand strength and coordination. The type of putty your child will get depends on how much exercise their hand needs. 

Theraputty exercises: 

putty in hand

- Squeeze putty using fingers and thumb. 
- Do this 10 times.

hand exercise

- Roll putty back and forth into a long roll or "snake". 
- Keep rolling until it is about 12 inches long.

finger exercises

- Make a long roll or "snake". 
- Pinch putty across the roll with index finger and thumb. 
- May repeat with other fingers.

wrist exercise

- Pull putty apart with 2 hands then squish back together. 
- Repeat 10 times.

Here are some other ideas for Theraputty exercises: