Graduating from physical therapy (1235)

Key points below

The movement shouldn’t stop here!

In PT, your child has learned to move more safely. This will help them take care of themselves and play with friends. Keep going! Do not stop on graduation day! It is up to you to help your child try different activities. This will help improve their skills and abilities.


Practicing movements like running and jumping helps children gain confidence. This helps them be more active throughout their life!


This is about confidence, not perfection. Let them learn, practice, and grow!

 What can my child do at home?  What can my child do in the community?
  • Toddlers

       - Kick and throw a ball

       - Kick items off cones or empty bottles

       - Walk or climb across pillows or couch cushions

       - Push and pull laundry basket filled with toys

       - Jump down from step

       - Wheelbarrow walk

       - Step over obstacles

  • Children and teens

       - Jump rope

       - Step or jump over obstacles

       - Crab walk

       - Bear walk

       - Ride a bicycle or scooter

       - Play hopscotch

       - Play freeze tag

       - Dribble a basketball

       - Kick a soccer ball

       - Do yoga (Online class: Cosmic Kids)

  • Visit your local playground and try:

       - Going down slides

       - Swinging on swings

       - Doing monkey bars

       - Walking up and down stairs

       - Climbing ladders or walls

       - Walking on curbs

  • Visit a community pool and try:

       - Swimming

       - Throwing and catching a ball

       - Jumping into pool

  • Check out your community recreation center to see what they have to offer!
  • Go on nature walks
  • Explore children's museums

       - Check for free admission in your area

  • Take a trip to a local activity park
  • Follow your child's interests. Sign them up for something new to try!

For more health and wellness information check out this resource:

ALERT: Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.