Steps to good posture (1266)

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It is important to use good posture when learning at home.  This will help you get rid of pain or have less pain.  

What is good posture? 

Good posture is the best way to line up your head, shoulders, back, and hips.  This causes the least amount of strain on your joints and muscles. Sitting with proper posture throughout your day can: 

To use good posture:woman sitting in chair

Exercises to help posture and decrease pain:

Pectoralis stretch


o Lie on your back. Rest your arms at your sides. Keep your legs bent at the knees and your feet flat on the ground. 
o Squeeze your stomach and butt muscles. Lift your hips off the floor into a bridge position. Hold 3 seconds. 
o Repeat 10 to 20 times.



o Lie on your belly.  
o Keep your elbows directly under your shoulders. 
o Tighten your stomach muscles and lift your hips and legs up into a plank position.  
o Squeeze your leg and butt muscles.  Hold this position up to 60 seconds. 

plank exercise

Alligator chomps 

o Sit tall. Hold your arms straight in front of you with your palms together. 
o Keeping your elbows straight, slowly open your arms as wide as you can and bring them together (imagine your arms are like an alligator’s mouth). 
o Make sure your shoulders stay down away from your ears. 
o If this is too easy, hold a soup can in each hand as you open and close. 
o Do this 10 to 20 times.

What should I do if I have back or neck pain? 

Follow-up with your primary care provider.  They may want you to see a physical therapist. 

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