Occupational therapy after pectus excavatum surgery (1381)

Key points below

After pectus excavatum surgery


Do not:

You may bend forward at the hips and neck. Keep your back straight, do not slouch. These precautions most often last for 4 weeks after surgery. Your surgeon will let you know for sure at your follow up visit.

The day of surgery

- Start to feed yourself.

- Hold your own beverage.

- Brush your teeth.

- Do as much for yourself as you can.

Dressing and bathing

- Pants: Put your ankle on the opposite knee when you put on or take off socks and get pants over your feet. Be sure to bend at the hips, not at the waist.

- Shirt: For shirts that go on over your head, put your arms in first. Push the sleeves past your elbows. Hook your fingers through the hole for your head and bring the shirt overhead. Remember that you can bend at the neck, but not at the chest.

drawing of person removing their sock

woman lifting hand in the air illustration

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