Baclofen pump surgery Home care (1228)

Key points below

This sheet will help you care for your child after surgery.  Please follow these directions at home. If you have other questions, ask your child’s doctor or nurse.

Incision and pump area





Follow-up care

Pump refills

Who to call



Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has:

  • A fever over 101°F (38.3°C).
  • Pain, redness, swelling, or drainage around the incision.
  • Not had a bowel movement for 4 days.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • A hard time breathing.
  • Has weakness, is quite sleepy or lightheaded.
  • Slurred speech, double or blurred vision, or itching.
  • Special health care needs that were not covered by this information.