Kidney transplant wait list (1486)

Key points below

Your child’s name has been put on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List at Children's Wisconsin.  It is also on the National Waiting List.  You may get a call from the Transplant Coordinator at any time that a kidney is available for transplant.

The waiting time for a transplant varies.  It could be only a few days to as long as a few years.

What things affect finding a kidney to transplant?

The federal government has rules about organ donation. Each transplant center must follow these rules.  United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) is a non-profit organization that contracts with the federal government to assure fair to all people who need a kidney.

Factors that tell us if your child is a good match for a donated kidney are looked at.  This includes:

Blood type. People are blood type, A, B, AB, or O. Type O is the most common.  Only a small percentage of people have type B blood.  Children with type B may wait longer on the list.  A child can get a kidney from a donor with a compatible blood type.  

Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) match.  HLA typing was done before your child was listed.  HLA is like a fingerprint.  It gives information about your child’s genetic markers.  Children inherit their markers from both parents.  The HLA test is used to find the best match between a donor and recipient.

Antibody level.  Antibodies are cells in the immune system that can attack a transplanted kidney.  Blood transfusions, pregnancy, immunizations and previous transplants may cause high antibody levels.  The higher the antibody level, the harder it can be to find well-matched kidneys.

Your child’s age and how long they’ve been on the waitlist or how long they have been on dialysis. 

Other illnesses that may affect your child’s overall health.  

Things to remember while on the waiting list  

Make sure that the Transplant Coordinator knows if: 

Transplant Coordinator Telephone: (414) 266-2844 

These are the names, addresses and phone numbers that you have given to help us reach you if an organ is available.  Contact the Transplant Coordinator right away if any of these are not right or if they change in the future.

Your Child’s Name: ________________________ Phone #:  ____________________
Parents Name: ______________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________

Second Contact:  
Name: ____________________________________ Phone #: ____________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Third Contact: 
Name: ____________________________________ Phone #: ____________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________



Call your child’s doctor, nurse, or clinic if you have any questions or concerns or if your child has special health care needs that were not covered by this information.